Terminal – sublime text 3

Git is great but I favour the terminal rather than an app to manage repos which leaves me with the need to open terminals in the correct folder or spend valuable seconds on typing the path to the project.

I do have a way to open a new terminal from a folder but that means having to open finder, go to the project, right click and open the terminal. That can also be painful.

I work in sublime text all the time so wouldn’t it be handy to have a way to open terminals from there? Well, i just found a nice little package to do exactly that: https://packagecontrol.io/packages/Terminal

I had tried glue (https://packagecontrol.io/packages/Glue) but thats not so good when running gulp and i’d like to use the up arrow to go back to previous commands. There’s nothing like running the actual terminal and now i have a way to quickly launch it. Just right click the folder your repo is in and ‘open terminal here…’

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