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Adding a self signed certificate to mac

Thanks to Rob Peck for these instructions on adding a self signed SSL certificate your key chain.

  1. In the address bar, click the little lock with the X. This will bring up a small information screen. Click the button that says “Certificate Information.”
  2. Click and drag the image to your desktop. It looks like a little certificate.
  3. Double-click it. This will bring up the Keychain Access utility. Enter your password to unlock it.
  4. Be sure you add the certificate to the System keychain, not the login keychain. Click “Always Trust,” even though this doesn’t seem to do anything.
  5. After it has been added, double-click it. You may have to authenticate again.
  6. Expand the “Trust” section.
  7. “When using this certificate,” set to “Always Trust”

Subdomain email with 123-reg

Paying for a subdomain can be avoided by using the advanced DNS option.

Obviously an A record is a simple enough thing to set up but mail has always been a sticking point for me, but no longer!

Assuming you have the hosting set up using a plesk or cpanel account, a lot of default DNS plumbing is done for you at that end, all you need to do is make sure the traffic is sent to the right place.

For example, lets say is registered at 123-reg and you’d like to use to run a site and email.

Set up the domain as usual in the with the host, so long as its set up for email (and it should be) all you have to do is set up an MX record with 123-reg such as:

sub     MX

It will be given a priority value by default. In a recent case, the DNS of the host showed a mail server on ‘’  pointing the MX record there didnt work but pointing it to ‘’ did!


Insert options smart buttons

I’m going through a list, checking duplicate values. When I need to insert a row, a button keeps popping up asking about formatting. Its dead annoying as it covers up the next values i need to check:

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 10.48.15

To turn it off, go to “Excel > Preferences > Edit” then untick the “Show insert options smart button”

Word language settings

There is nothing more annoying than having microsoft word tell you that the UK spelling of a word is wrong. The solution to this is so simple it makes me wish I’d found it years ago.

It’s even possible to change the language of the whole document or just a part of it. To change a part of the text, highlight that text and perform the following, to change the global language make sure nothing is selected.

Word 2011

    1. From the ‘tools’ menu, select ‘language’. The default is likely to be ‘English (US)’.
    2. Change the selection to the language of your choice.
    3. If you want ALL new documents to use that language, hit ‘Default’ then ‘Yes’ to confirm.

For window versions, i believe the language options are in the proofing ribbon, but look here for more info.